Horana Calvary

Horana Calvary church is under Archdiocese of Colombo and is visited by pilgrims from all over the country. This sacred place is located 1 hour drive distance from Colombo and 10 minutes drive from Southern expressway Gelanigama exchange. The Calvary surrounds Rocks and trees, letting pilgrims feel a different experience and a  spiritual practice within the way of the cross programme.

Experience at Horana Calvary

It is a unique experience that a catholic will experience in terms of reflecting scorn of Christ’s death. Horana Calvary is a naturally designed creation with trees and rocks which let the pilgrims to feel the hardness of Calvary journey. This is the only  is a  unique place to experience god in silence, surrounded by natural environment and is the place that you gain such an experience. Visit the natural Tomb, Alter made on top of the rock and many more.

Facilities at Horana Calvary

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Canteen
  • Sound equipment for large groups
  • Masses arrangement
  • Confessions


We invite you to spend time here, It’s a great place to refresh your mind and meditate.

Inquiries :

Mr. Dosan – 0714246084

Mrs. Sujeewa – 0779032002

Rev. Fr. Nuwan Buddika – 0777917375