Madu Pilgrimage of Horana Parish

A pilgrimage to Madu was organized on 28th to 30th of April. 192 Parishioners along with their family members were participated in this program.

1st Day

We arrived Madu Shrine by 9.00 a.m. on 28th April. Then the pilgrims participated for the holy mass at  11 a.m. In the evening all participated in a rosary recitation and a candle light procession followed by.


2nd Day

Following morning first they participated for the Sunday Mass. A special reflection infront of  holy Eucharist was held in the evening. in between, pilgrims did they personal reflections and prayers in Madhu church premises.

After the holy mass, all parishioners returned back commenting that it was well satisfying pilgrimage that the parishioners had after long time as a one family. We appreciate the leadership : Rev. Fr. Nuwan Buddhika – parish priest , Rev. Fr. Onacis Fernando – assistant parish priest , the organizing committee and the all the parishioners who participated on this worthy course.