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St. Martin De Porres Church Horana

Horana church is located in Kalutara district under Arch diocese of Colombo . This miraculous church bearing a century old history locating  in a green environment. The parish covers  a long distance for its missionary work. We find this district as a multi religious and multi-ethnic  area.

St. Martin

St. Martin

The well known Dominican saint is popular due to his miraculous healing power and serving the poor.

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Masses Schedule

Sunday mass

Starts with novina at 8.15 a.m.

followed by the holy mass starting at
8.30 a.m.


The Calvary

The Calvary is located in a natural environment which makes the pilgrims more comfortable with spiritual activities



There are 5 Substations and over 400 families in the Horana parish. Explore more information.


Our Mission

Bring the experience of Jesus to those who are marginalized.


Our vision

Spread the kingdom of God in and through our words and action


Upcoming Events

Feast 2018 Horana St. Martin De Porres Church

St. Martin De Porres church, Horana

The feast for year 2018 will be held on 11th... Read moreකියවන්න

Past events

First Holy Communion 2018

Venue : St. Martin De Porres church, Horana

The First Holy Communion Mass for year 2018 was held... Read moreකියවන්න

Feast of St. Anne – Morgahahena Church

Venue : St. Martin De Porres church, Horana

The annual feast Mass of St. Anne’s church Moragahahena will... Read moreකියවන්න

Madu Pilgrimage of Horana Parish

Venue : St. Martin De Porres church, Horana

A pilgrimage to Madu was organized on 28th to 30th... Read moreකියවන්න